Just Dance is one of the phone's apps in The Emoji Movie. It is visited by Gene, Hi-5 and Jailbreak while trying to make it to Dropbox.


When a dancer follows the host's moves, it gets 5 stars to level up a score. When it does wrong move, it gets an X.

In the film

While the three emojis are going to Dropbox, Hi-5 turns on the app and Akiko Glitter appears. She tells the three emojis to follow her moves and move forward. When they do the wrong move, they get an X. 3 strikes, they're out. Jailbreak tells Gene that she can't dance (Because she is stiff). The song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go plays while Gene and Hi-5 dance. Jailbreak stiffly starts dancing and she gets 3 Xs. Gene saves her and teaches her to feel the music and express herself. After dancing, the song Feel This Moment plays and Gene and Jailbreak do the new move called "The Emoji Pop". Later then, the Bots appear in the app and start dancing to Disco Inferno and attack Gene and Jailbreak. The song causes Alex to delete the app and Gene and Jailbreak escape at the end of the tunnel after Hi-5 gets in the trash.

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