Hi-5 is the deuteragonist in The Emoji Movie, he is Gene's best friend and the high five emoji.🤚🏻


Hi-5 is a peach Hi-5 emoji, who works in the cube. He wears a blue band on his index finger. He has blue eyes. He's a clown, and enjoys making jokes, but likes his friends just the same.


Hi-5 was once an emoji in the favorites section, but due to less recent usage, he is no longer in the favorites section. After sneaking into the favorites section, he encounters the handsome Gene, on the run from Smiler's bots. After taking Gene to the "Loser Lounge", he embarks on an epic "app-venture" to find the hacker 'Jailbreak', in order to get Gene into the favorite's section and him into the favorite section again. In the end, the favorites section is open to all emojis.

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