Candy Crush is an app from Alex's Smartphone and is visited by Gene, Hi-5, and Jailbreak.



A player matches 3 candies of red, orange, blue, green, yellow, or purple and it explodes. And the candy gets transported into the jar when it's a special candy.

Color Bombs

When a player matches 6 candies, a color bomb appears in the board. When you swipe the bomb, it zaps the candies to fall down.

In the film

While trying to make it to Dropbox, the three emojis are falling in the cotton cloud. Then, they enter the game and Gene is stuck inside the gameboard. While saving Gene, Hi-5 and Jailbreak need to match the candy, but they can't match him with the yellow candy. While Jailbreak and Hi-5 save Gene, Alex nervously walks up to Addie and tries to tell her that she is beautiful. Then, his phone keeps saying the words in the app ("Tasty!", "Delicious!", "Divine!", "Sweet!", and "Sugar Crush!"). While saving Gene, Hi-5 swipes the color bomb and it zaps the candy, which makes Gene go down. Jailbreak tells Gene that they needed to line him up with the yellow candy. Gene tells her not to. Jailbreak replies that the candy get transported on the jar, thinking that the candy is special. Jailbreak then swipes Gene with the yellow candy and Jailbreak was thinking of Gene exploding. A moment later, Gene is back to normal. Jailbreak swipes him again and he gets transported into the jar.