Akiko Glitter is a character in the film The Emoji Movie. She is voiced by Christina Aguilera. She was designed by Andy Bialk and has a strong resemblance to the characters he designed for the Nick TV show Shimmer and Shine.


Akiko Glitter is the host of the Just Dance app. She is one of the few characters in the Smartphone who is not an emoji. She is the closest thing on the phone to a human, excluding social media apps.


When Gene, Jailbreak, and Hi-5 stumble upon the Just Dance app, Hi-5 turns on the game and Akiko appears. In order for them to escape, they have to follow her dance moves to move forward. She gets surprised about a move she never saw when she looked at Gene and Jailbreak. She speaks to the emojis when she saw the moves.


Emoji movie Akiko Glitter poster

The Just Dance app

Emoji movie Akiko Glitter

Akiko in the trailer